About Us - Our History

Let There Be Teeth

Celebrating 20 years in Business

Our founders realized the dental laboratory industry was undergoing marked change. One lab provided all the products, but not the quality and service. Another lab had the right quality and service, but was not the right size to provide all of the products and services.

Although there were a lot of "mom and pop" labs selling quality dental restorations, what was interesting to Will and Andrew was that there was no major lab that provided consistent quality restorations, service and education with a personal touch. As such many dentists were left to navigate the maze of innovations occurring in dental industry without one of there most valuable collaborative partners: their lab. So, since it was 2010 and still in the aftermath of the economic meltdown, they decided now was the most important time to help dentists and their patients.

Although not realizing it at first, they both had the same vision and dreams in life by living "Kainos". Building on their long standing relationship, Andrew and Will joined to renew the quality oriented Kainos® brand that had been successful for 20 years and counting. They decided to create a unique controlled growth lab of the future; one that provided outstanding restorations, service and education with personal relationships...and the new "Kainos® Dental Technologies" was born!

The original idea was to create restorations that offered the absolute best selection in evolving field of dental restorations in terms of brands, quality, and value. Over the past 20 years, Will and Andrew have evolved with product developments, in addition to providing the best products they now want to provide the absolute best value, service and relationships in the dental industry - not just a crown, rather the best in any category or area within dentistry.