About Us - Living Kainos®

One of the primary emphasis in marketing is trying to deliver your company message. Our message is simple and it starts with our name.

Kainos® Dental Technologies - Meaning and Way

"Kainos" - An adjective of Greek origin. Pronounced kahee-nos'. Meaning: new, new in quality (innovation), renew, unused, unworn, novel. Fresh in development or opportunity, but with a healthy respect for time(age) and knowledge(wisdom).

Dental - This is what we all devoted our professional lives to.

Technologies - Although we provide dental laboratory products we see that the industry future is based on technology.

Clarifying and debating the meaning of "Kainos" has been a subject over many millenia. The essence of Kainos® is CHANGE while being humble and having a very healthy focus on quality and respect for time tested principles and standards.

We truly believe in "Kainos", and let its meaning guide us in the way we live our lives and operate our business.